Activated Buckwheat - Organic - 1Kg & 5Kg

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What is it?

It looks like a grainy cereal, it sounds like some kind of wheat but surprisingly enough, buckwheat is none of those. It is actually the seed of a fruit. In fact, buckwheat is not related to wheat at all, it comes from the sorrel, knotweed and rhubarb family.

Buckwheat has been a popular staple for thousands of years. There are remains found in China and Japan that go back to 4000 BC. This is around the same time it was documented in Europe as well. Some believe domestication and cultivation of buckwheat might go all the way back to 6000 BC!

One of the distinguishing features of buckwheat is that it does not contain any gluten thus making it a great alternative for people with an intolerance to it. It has a high protein content, has all essential amino acids and is especially high in Lysine, Tryptophan and Arginine. This is particularly important since the body cannot produce essential amino acids on its own and depends entirely on food sources to get them.

Activated buckwheat, is soaked, wash and rinse it, then dehydrate it at low temperatures (under 40 degrees celcius). This allows for easier digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Plain Buckinis have no flavouring and are simply activated buckwheat.

How to use

Buckwheat is a great alternative or addition to any rice, wheat or pasta type dishes, its great in soups and can also be used to make biscuits and cakes.

Its great for breakfast or as a snack at anytime - serve with your favourite milk, fresh fruits, berries, nuts, superfoods and seeds for added nutrition.

Health Benefits

Buckwheat alkalises our bodies, unlike other breakfast cereal bases such as oats, rice and wheat, which are acid forming in the body. Buckwheat is a rich source of protein, rutin and manganese.

Buckwheat is a great source of minerals like Zinc, Iron, Copper, Manganese and B Vitamins, and is also low in fat. The little fat that it does contain is mostly monounsaturated which is the kind that makes olive oil good for the heart. The Magnesium also helps improve blood circulation and decreases blood pressure.

Buckwheat has a lot of heart-healthy soluble fibre which helps reduce cholesterol, and also contains resistant starch, which boosts colon health and controls blood sugar levels.


Nutrition Information

Serving Size 50g

Per Serve Per 100g
Energy 774kJ 1550kJ
Protein 5.8g 11.7g
Fat-total 1.4g 2.7g
 - saturated 0.3g 0.6g
Carbohydrate-total 36g 72g
 - sugars 0.8g 1.5g
Sodium 6mg 11mg

The flavonoids in buckwheat, Quercitin and Rutin, have healing and antioxidant properties.

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