We sent our  new product Probiotic Solutions off to 4 customers to trail and give us their thoughts and feedback . Read below what they had to say -

"I and my adult family have found them to be wonderful . The hand wash  is simply wonderful in all area's, quality, smell, quantity to use per wash is minimal and it feels and smells absolutely wonderful. 
The bathroom cleanser is absolutely brilliant and I have actually been using it not only in the bathroom but in the kitchen too. It was great for bench tops and stove tops and also the sink and oven, fridge and microwave it was amazing. 
As a chemical sensitive and allergy  prone family we seriously had no reactions whatsoever to both products ."
review by Sharyn Lee

**Anytime Anywhere**

"I have tested this mostly in my kitchen and dining areas/living areas. 
I was most impressed by how easy it was to clean my stove after an early morning bulk cook of freezer meals that had crusted up by the time I got around to cleaning up a few hours later. It was as easy as spray and wipe and I didn't even need to use elbow grease and it was cleaned. Here is a picture of before and after: 
I'm really impressed with how well it cleaned stainless steel. I used it on my stainless steel stove, sink and fridge. 
I also used it to clean my bench tops and sink. Easy to remove mess and stains. It didn't remove the ink mark that my bread bag left on the bench or the marks from my strawberries that seeped onto my bench but I am yet to find anything that can totally clean that up right away. A few days later the marks are gone so I can now say I have a mark free and chemical free clean bench. 
I also love using it to clean my sons high chair, I love that I know there are no chemicals hanging around and that it is totally clean. 
Perfect one product for the kitchen. 
I  used it to wipe over my coffee table and dinner table again it didn't let me down!
I also tried this product in my ensuite bathroom and spare bathroom. The porcelain sinks clean well and the tiles around the bench and the bench itself all clean well. Very happy with how the bathrooms smell and it's great to know they are clean without chemicals. I tried the product to clean my toilets. I am again happy with how it cleaned and left the toilet and toilet room smelling great. The water in my area has lots of calcium in it so my shower is super hard to clean. It couldn't remove any of the calcium marks from shower and it didn't really remove soap scum (maybe if I preserved and really scrubbed it would have but I think it's something I am happy to overlook as I know it's going to involve chemical cleaners) but I was happy with the clean it gave my shower. 
**Mop Me**
I have dark black tiles in my laundry, bathrooms and toilets. The rest of my house is laminate flooring so I only spot clean on this if there is a spill. I used a paper towel and a drop of the cleaner to clean up food spills off my kitchen floor and everything wiped up easily. 
I used it to clean the tile areas. I'm happy to say there were no water streaks left which I have had happen in the past with some products. I also did some extra cleaning around the base of my toilet and with a paper towel and a drop of the cleaner it gave a good clean with no streaking.
I have luckily not had the need to use on carpet or rugs but I would have no hesitation to do so. 
Overall, I am really happy with these products. I'm happy using them around my home knowing my home is clean but not full of chemicals. I can't wait to try some of the other products in the line as well.  "
reviewed by Lara Heaney

Anytime Anywhere Cleaner – Lemongrass and Lemon Myrtle
"LOVE this product ! You can really use it anywhere and it works really well as a chemical free cleaner. The smell is great and not overpowering at all, something which is very important in a cleaner for me as I am very sensitive to strong smells. I used it in the kitchen on my bench tops and cupboards, dining table, kids high chair and floor around where kids eat, on the kids toys, mirrors in the bathroom, glass windows, shower and basin, toilet seat and laundry. 
I would highly recommend this product, it is superior to others on the market I have tried and look forward to trying other products in the range. Also really like the packaging and that it is Australian made.
Cuffs and Collars 
Really like this product as well, great alternative to chemical laden fabric sprays. Have been using this on husbands shirts and smelly gym t-shirts, socks and sneakers and it works really well. Gave the tired lounge room rug a spray as well as the couch and it has definitely improved the smell of both which are covered daily in kiddy food, drinks and general dirtiness. Love the smell, not overpowering and great packaging. "
Review by Caroline Mouthann