Fermented foods seem to be the new craze at the moment. I see lots of new brands popping out of health store fridges, like raw fermented veggies byLife in a Jar, Kefir yoghurt by Babushkas and fermented tea by Mojo. But despite fermented foods becoming increasing popular in today’s health community, they have actually been a staple food in some cultures for centuries.

Fermented foods are Mother Nature’s answer for aiding digestion! The process of fermentation magically transforms original ingredients into flavoursome, enzyme-producing, nutrient dense foods, boosting the supply of friendly bacteria (probiotics) in our gut. When we have a sufficient supply of good bacteria in our digestive system we are able to break down and absorb nutrients more efficiently, improving our health tenfold.


Pickling, brewing and culturing are all terms used to describe the process of fermentation and they involve a breakdown of starches and sugars (carbohydrates) to create a food that literally bubbles with probiotics, antioxidants, lactic acid, and mineral goodness. You can easily ferment foods at home yourself – Fermented Foods for Health is a great book that has a range of recipes that can get you on your way to fermenting


For a raw food family like ours, fermented foods are a daily part of our diet. We often make our own raw Kefir and mix it into smoothies or muesli – find out more here.

Whether you want to try making fermented foods yourself or prefer to purchase from your local health store, here are 4 ways you can increase Mother Nature’s fizzy goodness into your diet:

  • 1-2 spoonfuls of Sauerkraut with your main meals
  • A wine glass of Kombucha after dinner
  • Adding Kefir yogurt to your morning smoothie
  • Mixing 2 heaped teaspoons of raw cultured veggies into your salad

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