One of the first and most common questions I get asked about Glass straws is “glass straws, aren’t they dangerous?”.

I suppose that’s a fair question. Aren’t nasty plastics and chemicals dangerous too? That’s like everything else in the kitchen being dangerous like your measuring cups and drinking glasses.  The  glass straws that I sell on my store are extremely strong. You could break the glass if you chose to bang it against a hard surface or dropped it aggressively to the ground but that would happen with any glass items really.

If you’re using your beautiful straws for delicious smoothies, refreshing juices and other beverages as they are intended, you’ll be just fine.  Just always ensure that when you use glass straws with children that your supervise your children.

So they keys to remember about the safety of the beautiful straws available at The Raw Food Store are:

  • Made from borosilicate glass, the safest + strongest glass commercially available!
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee – we stand behind the product which is unlike any other glass product you can buy.
  • Always ensure you have adult  supervision when using straws with little ones.