I like to call this “friends are coming over what can I make” recipe! Macaroons are so quick and easy to make, there is no dehydrating and they only need a few hours in fridge before you can serve them! It’s the perfect treat when you know you have friends coming around and you want to WOW them with some yummy raw treats but simply don’t have the time!

So this is my The Raw Food Mum's Raw Macaroons --


This recipe makes 20-24 Macaroons


  • If you don’t have almond pulp from left over almond milk you can use raw almonds  by place them food processor and grind them until they are very fine.
  • Add the coconut to the ground almonds or almond pulp, along with the coconut oil, butter, agave with a and pinch of salt and process until the mixture is well blended but still has plenty of texture.
  • I have two options here: you can make chocolate or vanilla, just add the above ingredients to which flavor you like and blend in the food processor.
  • If you are making these so the whole family can enjoy I recommend using carob powder, it is less of a stimulant on a child’s system.
  • Simply create macaroon shapes using a spoon onto a plate and refrigerate for a few hours, and then they are ready to be gobbled up!

Enjoy x