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Bass Brushes Dry Skin Brush Made from 100% Bamboo

Bass Brushes Dry Skin Brush are for wet/dry use. Daily brushing to exfoliate the skin helps to improve circulation, obtain healthy looking skin, and wakes-up your whole body. Dry body brushing is a traditional natural health practice, which involves brushing over the skin dry, followed by a shower or bath. Dry body brushing offers amazing benefits to your skin and the health of your body through exfoliation,increased circulation, cellulite reduction, smoother skin and, importantly, body brushing detoxifies the lymphatic system. Dry brushing stimulates the dense network of nerves that run just under the skin layer, which in-turn increase blood circulation and the function of the lymphatic system.

All wood used in our Bass Brushes Dry Skin Brush products are made from 100% Bamboo wood, the most sustainable wood on the planet.