Joy with raw food - Soups and Salads

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Fully raw, salt free soups and salads are not easily available. Whenever we have ordered salads in a restaurant in the past, we have most often been very disappointed. It seems when it comes to salads there is a lack of creativity and a lack of interest. If one would realise how beneficial salads are to our health, I am sure a lot more time would be spent in the creation of delicious salads. People often ask me how I get my children to eat large green salads almost daily. I tell them that I have a passion for salads and raw soups and my children follow my example. To begin your meal with a large green salad or raw soup is a wonderful and satisfying way to add more raw food to your family’s diet. Ask your children to help prepare meals and let them add their favourite organic toppings. THIS BOOK has 70 delicious, easy to follow, raw vegan recipes with full colour photograph for each recipe and simple ingredients to keep a family happy and satisfied on raw food.

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