Coarse Celtic Sea Salt (Ceramic Grinder) 80g

Coarse Celtic Sea Salt (Ceramic Grinder) 80g Loading...

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This Ceramic Grinder comes filled with 80g of our Dried Coarse Celtic Sea Salt ready to use.  Our versatile Ceramic Grinder is made from very fine porcelain ceramic material, free of metal impurities and BPA Free.  Most grinders available today use metal or nylon parts as their grinding mechanism. 

These hard non-corrosive, oil resistant stones are odourless and easy to clean which ensures that your whole condiments  are ground fresh. You will be amazed what freshly ground Sea Salt and Whole Peppercorns taste like.  This durable Ceramic Mini Mill is an ideal addition to any kitchen or table setting and also makes an excellent gift.

Why Celtic Sea Salt - Celtic Sea Salt supplies the body with vital trace minerals and elements, along with a proper balance of sodium chloride. The brine and minerals, found in this sea salt, are natural electrolytes that give your body a “positive electrical charge”

How to use

  • Waterless Cooking - Cut vegetables to desired size and shape, place in a heavy base saucepan. Sprinkle with a little Hand Harvested Sea Salt and add enough water to cover the bottom of the pan. Simmer gently with lid on until water has evaporated and vegetables are tender. Hand Harvested Sea Salt brings the water out of the vegetables so they cook in their own juices.
  • Helps masks bitter tastes, making naturally bitter foods like chocolate and broccoli become delicious.  Stir a small amount of salt in a bitter cup of coffee.
  • Mix Salt of the Earth's Celtic Sea Salt with your favourite essential oils to create a therapeutic bath.
  • Ideal for all animals especially involved in racing & other sports.
  • Mix salt with water and use as a mouthwash or throat gargle.
  • Use dry to preserve salad greens.


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