Joy with raw food - Birthday parties and holidays

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As a raw vegan it is a great relief to have many delicious simple recipes for special occasions such as holidays and birthdays. This book is a great relief even to myself! Preparing tasty raw vegan food for friends, family and visitors is a challenge. Fortunately we have created enough recipes for any occasion to keep the most difficult visitor happy and satisfied. You will be surprised how many people will enjoy these recipes and leave your birthday party or event feeling comfortably satisfied and not tired or hyper. Many parents are concerned about the food their children eat at birthday parties each weekend. Parents are thankful when one provides healthy, sugar free treats and foods, benefiting their children instead of harming them. Your children will have fun preparing these recipes with you and surprise their friends with delicious handmade treats. Being a pioneer is a wonderful thing. Be a pioneer, prepare food that is good for you and for everyone else! THIS BOOK contains over 60 delicious, easy to follow, ingenious, never seen before raw vegan birthday and holiday food recipes with full colour photograph for each recipe and simple ingredients to keep a family happy and satisfied on special occasions. 

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