Exacalibur Dehydator 9 Tray - NO TIMER Temp out of stock ETA mid August

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  • Exacalibur Dehydator 9 Tray - NO TIMER Temp out of stock ETA mid August
  • Exacalibur Dehydator 9 Tray - NO TIMER Temp out of stock ETA mid August

The Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator dries fruit, vegetables, snacks and other wholesome raw living foods quickly and easily, while preserving all their nutrients and enzymes. Conveniently equipped with a timer, it will deliver reliable performance and delicious results again and again!

Excalibur has set the standard for Food Dehydration for over 30 years. With the Excalibur 9 Tray dehydrator you can preserve all the nutritional benefits of raw food and prepare delicious snacks, lunch box meals, meat and fish dishes, soups, and even yoghurt.

Large capacity. Suits large families, orchards and restaurants.

  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • Trays 35cm x 35cm, 600 watts.
  • Dimensions:32 H x 43 W x 48 D (cm)
  • Available in Black or White
  • Domestic 2 Year Limited Warranty  Home Units
  • Commercial 1 Year Limited Warranty Business Units

Paralexx drying system with Hyperaware fluctuation

The Excalibur dehydrator has a unique powerful Paralexx drying system that produces even and fast drying, every single time. Its horizontal airflow eliminates the need to re-stack trays, and allows for fine control of temperature as no heat is lost during the drying cycle.

The Excalibur is versatile and has 9 fully removable trays, letting you customise the drying space according to your own needs. The Excalibur is a best-selling food dehydrator worldwide for good reason: it is made to a high engineering quality and gives reliable performance, time after time. Unlike cheaper and low-quality styrene dehydrators, the Excalibur will not produce harmful fumes while in use.

  • Unique drying system: Parallax Drying and Hyperaware fluctuation ensure better, quicker and safer drying, without any 'case hardening'.
  • Intact nutrients and enzymes: the adjustable thermostat gives fine-grain control on temperature and precision drying, to preserve living food.
  • Convenient Timer: load the trays, set your desired drying time and come back to perfect results! The Excalibur will turn off automatically once the timer has stopped.
  • Versatility: large customisable drying space.
  • Teflex Sheet: optional reusable food-grade solid sheet for dehydrating roll-ups, fruit pur̩e and semi-liquid / sticky foods, which would normally drip through the tray's included mesh sheet.
  • Environmentally friendly: very low wattage consumption, made from BPA-free medical-grade recycle plastics, no harmful fumes produced while in use.
  • Convenient and sturdy: the Excalibur's trays and optional Teflex

*NOTE - Ships to Australia only