Ball Mason 4 Litre - Kefir/Kombucha Jar with plastic Tap

Ball Mason 4 Litre - Kefir/Kombucha Jar with plastic Tap Loading...

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These timeless Mason Jar Beverage Dispensers look beautiful and are a classic addition to any function or gathering. Perfect for kombucha.

Kombucha, an ancient food and healing product originally from Asia was widely used in Russia, Eastern Europe and Japan but is relatively unknown in Australia. Kombucha is a living organism, the symbiosis of a number of bacteria and special-yeast cultures which fermented with sweet tea become the Kombucha beverage.

Kombucha is a health giving tea, that is said to aid in reducing symptoms of many ills.

We make our jars with a tap so you are able to use the continuous fermentation process. This method allows you to dispense a daily amount of kombucha, topping it up with new tea as you go, as opposed to waiting each time. These jars can also be used to make individual batches if desired.

Important Notes for Brewing Kombucha:

No metals should not come in touch with kombucha do not use a metal container or tap.

  • This 4L jar contains a plastic tap
  • Do not boil your water or tea in aluminium pans.
  • Do not cover kombucha with a lid, only use a light muslin or cheesecloth material that you are able to breathe
  • through. If the weave is to loose you may need to use a couple of layers. Use a rubber band or tie to hold the cloth over
    the jar.
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