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Black Chicken Love Your Face Pack is a great value pack of Black Chicken's amazing 3-step skin care ritual that will get you three steps closer to skin perfection in less than three minutes. The pack contains:

Cleanse My Face - Organic Purifying Oil Cleanser - This deeply calming oil cleanser uses 14 medicinal oils to target impurities held deep within your skin. It effortlessly removes makeup and dirt without disturbing your skin's natural oil balance.

Hydrate My Face - Botanical and toning mist. This botanical hydration and toning mist uses pure Grapefruit and Camomile floral water to soothe and hydrate the skin, witch hazel to tone and re-balance and the pure organic essential oils of Lavender* and Mandarin* to leave skin supple and energised.

Love your face serum - organic Moisture surge. is an indulgent, anti-ageing, deep penetrating, skin boosting, super hydrating, plumping face serum. Its highly concentrated so it deeply penetrates and continues to nourish the delicate skin on your face all day and night. Love Your Face Serum absorbs instantly allowing the skin to breathe as it works.

It's as easy as this:

Step one: Using a warm face cloth steam open your pores on your face (not too hot) then apply a few pumps of Cleanse My Face and massage into your face. You can do this for 30 seconds or longer is better but massage it in to target deeply held impurities. Using a warm face cloth remove the cleanser and inhale the relaxing oils.

Step two: Spritz Hydrate My Face  Botanical hydration and toning mist 2-4 times onto your face, again inhaling the amazing aroma.

Step three: While the face is still damp from the mist apply a few drops of Love Your Face Serum  Organic moisture surge, again massaging into your face.

That's it! You will feel a better instantly and over time your skin will balance its oil production and the result will be radiant skin.

Country: Australia

Certified Organic Ingredients.

100% Natural. Cruelty Free

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