Cauliflower 'Snowball' Heirloom Seeds

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When to Plant
Zone 1: February - April
Zone 2: March - April
Zone 3: March - April
Zone 4: March - April


Prepare soil with a green manure, and incorporate fresh manure and compost into the mix to improve its water-holding ability. Allow the soil to settle down for a couple of weeks before planting.

Soil pH Level 6.5 - 7.5

Full sun, in a well-drained soil. Avoid planting where brassica crops have been grown in the last couple of seasons.

How to Plant
You can sow these directly, or preferable to sow in punnets and then transplant. Allow for around 30-40 cm between seedlings.

Spacing 60‰ÛÒ80 cm

Depth 0.5 - 1cm

Companion Plants
Onion, Dill, Chamomile

**Shipping - Not to Western Australia**

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