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GUSTO Detox is a wholefood, raw, vegan blend of herbs traditionally known for their ability to detox the body and stimulate the immune system. This blend is based on the 1922 Recipe by Rene Caisse that she called Essiac.


Ingredients & Their Traditional Uses

  • Burdock Root - used as blood purifier, lung & liver tonic and to stimulate detoxing and improve digestion.
  • Sheep Sorrel - may help to alleviate some chronic conditions and degenerative diseases.
  • Cats Claw - may help to normalise blood pressure, reduce heart rate, increase circulation.
  • Slippery Elm Bark - may aid in managing inflammation in the lungs, stomach and bowels.
  • Turkish Rhubarb Root - may help elimination of toxins from the liver.

90g | approx. 40 tsp per pack

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