English Toffee Flavoured Stevia - 60ml.

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SweetLeaf is chemical-free, zero-calorie, zero-carb, zero-glycemic index, natural sweetener there is. Great tasting and all natural, its uses are endless - add a delicious sweetness to all your favorite foods and beverages! It's made by taking the highest quality leaves of the stevia plant and extracting their naturally sweet taste with only cool, purified water. No chemicals. No alcohols. No additives that cover up the great taste nature created.

Gabriel Cousens talks about stevia in his book There is a cure for diabetes that stevia is the only sweetener he recommends as it has a gylcemic index of 0 and does not raise the blood sugar (see p.294) Studies show that it may even regulate blood sugar.

Unlike sugar, it does not trigger a rise in blood sugar levels. You won‰۪t get a sudden burst of energy followed by fatigue and a need for another "fix". Studies suggest that Stevia has a regulatory effect on the pancreas and could help stabilize blood sugar levels in the body, making it a wise choice for the people with diabetes and hypoglycemia. It increases energy, aids digestion and gastrointestinal functions and has many other health benefits.

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