Hopper Natural Food Colouring Orange 20g

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Hopper natural colours are actually colouring foodstuffs concentrates made from fruits and vegetables such as elderberries, pumpkins, carrots and red cabbage.
Because they are a colours extracted nature they are classified as food ingredients not additives which are represented by a number or and E-number.
Hopper natural colours are derived using a water extraction process, solvents or chemicals are not used in the manufacturing process, and they do not contain any artificial functional additives.

Hopper Natural Colours are free from:

  • Synthetic Antioxidants
  • E-numbers
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Emulsifiers
  • Stabilisers
  • Solvent residues
  • Artificial ingredients

How much do I use?

The colours are very concentrated and a typical dosage level is 1 or 2% of the finished product. Add a drop at a time until the desired colours is achieved.


Products must be frozen or refrigerated to maintain integrity of the product. We recommend using your judgement in whether to use after the best before date. Defrost to room temperature prior to use. Can be frozen and defrosted repeatedly as required. Product remains a liquid even when stored in freezer.


carrot, pumpkin, invert sugar, citric acid.

Key Benefits:

  • GMO Free
  • Free From Synthetic Antioxidants
  • Free From E-numbers
  • Free From Emulsifiers
  • Free From Solvent Residues
  • No Animal Products
  • No Chemical Colours
  • No Additives or Preservatives
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans
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