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Kiddi Kutter Knives -NEW COLOURS Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange and Green!

I am a big advocate of getting children into the kitchen at an early age!

The kitchen can be a fascinating place for young children. They see grown-ups making yummy food, and can be intrigued by how meals come together.Younger kids can watch what youre doing and help out with small tasks, like stirring something or setting the table.

KiddiKutter has no sharp edges, yet it will cut any food from a soft tomato through to a tough steak.
How ? It is able to do this by using a sawing action rather then relying on sharp teeth or blades, making it safe for your budding junior master chef's to use when helping you in the kitchen preparing lunch or dinner or if they are using them at the dinner table.

KiddiKutter knives are such fun to use, your child will soon be making their own lunches and cutting the veges up for dinner.


Older kids can be taught how to measure ingredients. Even teens might be lured into the kitchen if you tell them they can choose the dish and youll help prepare it with them for dinner. I always have Issy in the kitchen with me helping me make raw food! It is part of our daily adventures together!

So when KiddiKutter contacted me regarding their safe knives for kids! I was like these are the coolest thing ever, they are a safe option to get your kids involved in making food! And you can be assured they wont cut your kids hands off!

KiddiKutter knives are made from quality stainless steel that has a foodgrade nonstick coating, and a moulded BPA free easy grip handle. It's available in four funky colours. Green, Aqua, Hot Pink and Purple. Buy one of each colour , save tears when their favourite knife is in the dishwasher.

  • KiddiKutter is the safe & fun way to learn how to use a knife at the dinner table and for food preparation.
  • KiddiKutter knives are 18cm long , making them the åÊperfect size for little hands to use.

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