Kohl Rabi 'Purple' Heirloom Seeds

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When to Plant
Zone 1: August - February
Zone 2: July - March
Zone 3: February - September
Zone 4: March - May

Prepare your soil in a similar manner to that of growing carrots. They prefer a deep, friable soil type that is not overly rich with nitrogen. Will require high levels of potassium so applying potash and mulching with lucerne hay is recommended.

Soil pH Level6.5-7.0

Full sun, but shade tolerate, so this is a good opportunity to use the b grade zone of your patch. Plant where leafy greens were growing the previous season.

How to Plant
Soak seeds in water overnight before planting and sow directly to the patch. Germination is slow so you can be waiting nearly a month before first growth appears.

Spacing 10-15cms

Depth 0.5-1cm

Companion Plants
Helps fruit trees

**Shipping - Not to Western Australia**


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