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A Zabuton meditation mat helps you create a sacred space so that every time you sit on it, you get into the mindset of meditation.

It comes from the Japanese Zen tradition and provides soft padding for your knees and ankles, which is especially helpful on a hard floor. It also provides warmth so a cold floor wont distract you from your practice. We recommend the Zabuton meditation mat if you tend to meditate in classes away from home, although it can also enhance your meditation practice at home.

We designed these mats with a 100% cotton exterior covering two layers of 100% recycled cotton fibre that provides support without being too hard. It is made to maintain its softness and its form for ongoing meditation practice. We recommend you use this mat with a zafu meditation cushion or a meditation bench on top. Buy a meditation mat and create your sacred space today!

Product Specifications

- High Quality Meditation Mat.
- Gives excellent comfort and support, cushioning the knees and ankles during even lengthy meditation
- Outer: 100% Cotton Drill.
- Filling: Two layers of 100% Flock Wadding

Approximate Dimensions:

- Length: 90cm
- Width: 70cm
- Height: 6-8cm

Yellow represents earth and can bring though clarity and optimism.
Red represents fire and can bring passion and excitement to your mood.
Green represents wood and corresponds with rebirth.
Black represents water and promotes internalization.
White represents metal and can promote transformation.

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