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With the immense success of the Optimum blender range, Optimum Appliances has worked with some of the world‰۪s most reputable manufacturers to come up with a high-quality, durable juicer with lower speed and better extraction then competitors.

The design, testing and approval process has taken Optimum over a year. Each part was designed to compete with the world‰۪s best brands, and designed to last longer, equipped with a comprehensive 10 Year Warranty on the motor. The Optimum slow-juicer is an expensive item, however we can assure you this appliance is well worth the investment.

This heavy duty, efficient, versatile, masticating juicer in a vertical design makes nutritionally potent juice in just a few minutes. The no heat, less friction juicing of the Optimum 400 Juicer is proven to keep more vitamins, minerals and enzymes intact in comparison to high speed juicers. More Living enzymes means that juice created in the Optimum is better for your health and vitality. Not only can you create delicious fruit and vegetable juices the Optimum 400 allows you to create your own nut milks, soy milk, ice cream, tofu and much more.

The Optimum 400 operates via a masticating (chewing) method to produce a high quality juice. In contrast to the tearing extraction and high speeds of centrifugal juicers, slow juicers function at lower speeds and gently compress fruit and vegetables to press out their juice, with the Optimum being the best on the market at only 65 RPM.

The auger action crushes and presses the food, releasing its deep-seated nutrients and enzymes. Richer coloured juice containing large amounts of vitamins and minerals is a result of the phytonutrients being opened during this process. Oxidization and separation is reduced due to the integrity of the cells of the ingredients in this method.

A high-quality cold press juicer such as the Optimum 400 (also known as a masticating or slow juicer) will definitely produce a superior quality juice and allow you to extract more from your fruit and vegetables (in comparison to a centrifugal), not just in juice yield (saving money the long term), but also through the preservation of the vital enzymes and nutrients, and the fresh tasty flavours.

Optimum 400 Slow Juicer:

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  • Well-suited to juicing leafy greens, grasses, sprouts and herbs
  • Higher juice yield
  • Juice lasts longer with enzyme integrity keeping for up to 72 hours
  • Lower speeds means less heat is generated, preserving more nutrients and enzymes
  • Minimal juice separation and foaming
  • Squeezing action is quiet.
  • Slow speed  Only 65rpm!
  • Designed to last, high-quality SGS approved parts
  • Induction Motor designed to last, 10 Years Comprehensive Warranty
  • User friendly
  • Easy to clean (Self Cleaning function)
  • Low Noise, as low as 30dB
  • Ingredient flavour preserved, due to the slow speed of only 65rpm
  • More nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes
  • Less separation & 35% more juice than centrifugal juicers
  • Safety sensor
  • CE and SGS approved

Optimum 400 Juicer Specifications.



Optimum 400

RPM (lower = better):


Average Noise:



150 watts

Continuous juicing time:



10yr motor
5yr parts

Induction Motor:


Juicing Capabilities:

Soft and Hard Fruit and Veggies, wheatgrass, Nuts and Soybeans


(RRP $599)


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