Ball Mason Pint (440mls) - Wide Mouth Ball Mason Jar with lid

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$6.95 AUD

The wide mouth Pint jars are great for smoothies, juices and salads. They are also perfect for use with the new Cuppow BNTO salad or dip holder! Making these jars perfect for lunch on the go, and you dont have to worry about in BPA from plastics :)


  • Freezer safe
  • The Cuppow Wide Mouth Lid and BNTO salad adaptor fits the wide mouth Jars
  • Freezer safe (be sure to leave adequate headspace for food expansion)
  • Safely and easily handle hot jars and lids fill jars and measure headspace and remove air bubbles.

Note: Jars are Sold individually and do not include lids for use with straws these are sold separately

Holds: 750ml



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