Cashews - RAW & ORGANIC 500g and 1kg

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Organic raw cashews are rich and creamy in flavour and texture. The nutritional benefits of cashews are exciting! Not only do they have a lower fat content than most other nuts, approximately 75% of this is unsaturated fatty acids which is mostly oleic acid which promotes good cardiovascular health. They are high in copper, manganese, magnesium, tryptophan and phosphorus.

Cashew nuts are high in antioxidants, have Cardio-protective benefits and have a lower fat content than most other nuts

The cashew tree forms a brightly coloured false fruit that looks similar to a pear. The cashew nut is attached to the bottom of this fruit encased in a husk. Once harvested, the husk is removed as it contains a caustic resin, and the cashew nut, as we know it is revealed. They are grown without the use of any insecticides, herbicides or pesticides and are preservative and additive free.

Certification: Control Union Certificantions-CUN
Origin: Vietnam

Ingredients: Organic cashews

Serving Size: 50g


Av per 100g
Energy (kj): 2315
Protein (g): 18.2
Carbohydrate (g): 32.7
Sugars (g): 5.9
Fat Total (g): 43.8
Fat Saturated (g): 7.8
Sodium (mg): 12
Fibre (g): 3.3
* A range of natural food products are packed on shared equipment includingåÊ nuts, seeds, grains and cereals.åÊ This includes sesame, peanuts and Gluten.
This product may contain traces of these



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