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Superfood seeds, such as Flaxseeds (also known as linseeds) and Sesame seeds, are bursting with nutritional value which can help with high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and more! But to get these health benefits they must be properly ground and consumed within 24 hours!

The Savannah Smart Flaxseed Mill produces perfectly ground flaxseeds in seconds, without clogging, which means you are able to benefit from all of the nutrients ONLY freshly grounded seeds can provide! Our new Savannah Flaxseed Mill has an added crank handle for quick grinding and is easier on the wrists, as well as a very handy, detachable storage compartment for mess-free grinding.

Flaxseeds and seasame seeds contain very healthy natural oils which clog all other grinders not specifically designed for these seeds...


The Savannah Flax Seed mill is...

  • Specifically designed for flax seeds and sesame seeds
  • Simple twist motion
  • Ultimate quality ceramic grinder (95%-Al2O3)
  • Automatic base shut-o
    ff: no mess on counter-top
  • High output: grind 1 tablespoon in under 30 seconds

Why Consume Flax Seeds?

Flaxseed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which have been shown in studies to have anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce the risk of heart disease. It's considered to be one of the best vegetarian sources of the omega-3's. Flaxseed is also a source of lignans, a group of plant compounds, which may reduce the risk of Breast Cancer by binding to breast receptors and blocking the effects of estrogen. While many people would like to add flaxseed to their diet, some are unsure as to how to do it.åÊ

Flaxseed - are tiny seeds that are quite hard with a tough exterior coating which makes them difficult for the intestinal enzymes to break down. If you eat the seeds intact without grinding, they'll pass through the intestines and out of the body without giving you their wonderful benefits. When you grind flaxseed, you allow the lignans to be better used by the body. Plus, if you eat them without grinding them first, they have a tendency to stick in your throat and along the sides of your mouth. Although you can buy pre-ground flaxseed in canisters at many groceries and health food stores, this isn't advisable. There's evidence that you get more health benefits from flaxseed when it's freshly ground. Once you grind the flaxseed, you can grind them on your cereal or Straight onto your salad. Other ways to use ground flaxseed is to add it to vegetables or soups. It can also be incorporated into baked goods as an additional source of fiber or thrown in the blender when making a smoothie.

A tablespoon of flaxseed each day is the recommended dose by most experts to gain the most nutrition from these super little seeds.

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