Swagger Holding Balm - Original

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Inspired by their Naked beard oil - This holding beard balm will hold your beard in place in even the harshest of conditions!

Swaggers beard balms are made with the highest quality organic ingredients. This balm is a natural and is almost scent free (great for cologne wearers).

Using this is simple. Place a large pea sized amount in your hand. Rub between your hands until nice and soft. Rub into beard, make sure to get nice and deep, down to the skin. Once this is in your beard you’ll be looking like something out of a mens fashion magazine!

Getting it out of your beard is as simple as using a good quality shampoo and conditioner!

Notes: A mild bees wax smell which slowly fades after applying to beard.

Size: 60g


Made with organic beeswax, shea butter and a mix of carrier and essential oils.

We always recommend placing some on a small area of skin prior to using. After all, we don’t want you looking like something out of a horror movie if it reacts with your skin!

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