The Chocolate Yogi - Frothy Toffee Chocolate 47g

The Chocolate Yogi - Frothy Toffee Chocolate 47g Loading...

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THE CHOCOLATE YOGI Chocolate (Raw/Organic/Vegan) Froothy Toffee 47g

This sexy chocolate has many layers and depths, it is unfathomable and a little unpredictable. Because each bar is made fresh from the beans, the flavours can vary ever so slightly as the bar matures and as the beans vary, so it's a bit like in Forrest Gump 'you never know what you're gonna get'! But in this case, you know it's gonna be GOOD! Our Dark bars are made with 64% cacao solids from a blend of beautiful Criollo beans from Peru. More darks will be coming soon as we discover more beans and play with different combinations, so watch this space!


Organic Ingredients: cacao (64% min.), evaporated coconut nectar. (*denotes raw ingredients)

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