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  • Ultra Slim Water filter 10L


Ultra Slim

Handmade from stoneware clay and fired to 1305 degrees celsius this purifier has been glazed using non-toxic materials and is the perfect container for storing water.The 12 month/ 2000 litre Royal Doulton Super Sterasyl which is standard on this system removes virtually all contaminants except fluoride; if fluoride is an issue please order with the SCP Fluoride Plus filter, also good for 12 months or 2000 litres, in the order box just below.




The ultra slim water purifiers come with a separate ceramic stand and holds approximately 10 litres. The inverted bell housing the filter at the top of the purifier holds about 3 litres so that at any given time about 7 litres can be accessed from the tap at the bottom. The ultra slim purifier is approximately 220mm wide and 510mm high including the stand.

  • Unlike terracotta and earthenware systems, this stoneware system will not grow mould, become stained, deteriorate with age or leave a clay taste in your water. The inside of the purifier is glazed allowing ease of cleaning.
  • The purifier is fired to stoneware temperature making it the perfect non toxic material to store drinking water. Firing at this high temperature ensures your purifier is waterproof and extremely resilient to cracking, crazing and chipping.
  • Fitted with a stainless steel tap.
  • Includes a ceramic, carbon core filter that lasts 2000 litres (approx. 12 months). Replacement filters available.åÊ > if you would like to include the flouride water filter you can purchase that in addition here
  • All purifiers come with a one year written warranty.
  • Approx 22cm W x 51cm H.


Delivery Time: Please allow up to four weeks for delivery.

Benefits of Water Purifiers

Our bodies are at least 75% water. Adults should drink a minimum of 8 glasses of pure water a day to prevent dehydration. Water is essential for our bodies to function properly as it facilitates nutrient absorption and removal of wastes.

The water from our taps is now heavily polluted with contaminants such as lead from petrol fumes, dirt, hair, rust, slime, hydrocarbons, algae, agricultural pesticides, industrial wastes just to name a few. Add to these the contaminants added by water authorities such as chlorine, aluminium and copper and you have a foul smelling and foul tasting toxic cocktail.

If you are drinking tank water the quality of the water may be worse. Birds, frogs, rodents, reptiles and insects can all get into rainwater tanks and their droppings can pollute the water. Material such as dust, leaves, twigs, cane ash, corroded metal, residues from roofing products, smoke, woodfire particles and remains of agricultural aerial spraying can also find its way into your tank and taint the water.

If your water supply comes from dams, springs, streams or underground bores you have the added concern of faecal contaminants leeching from septic tanks as well. The need for effective purification of drinking water has never been greater.


These Water Purifying system together with a carbon activated ceramic filter are extremely efficient at removing impurities such as bacteria, chlorine, amoeba, suspended solids, organic pesticides, heavy metals and cysts. Specifically laboratory test results show that our pottery water filter system will remove up to:

  • Bacteria Reduction (E.coli, Cholera, Salmonella) 99.99%
  • Cyst Reduction ( Cryptosporidium & Giardia) 99.99%
  • Algae,Rust,Sediment Reduction 99.99%
  • NSF Turbidity Reduction std.53 99.69%
  • Chlorine Reduction 95%



  • PF-4 reduction elements, manufactured by New Millennium Concepts LTD are designed for use with Super Sterasyl ceramic filtration elements to adsorb the following four unwanted elements most commonly found in drinking water.

    • MTBE (Methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether)
    • Fluoride
    • Lead
    • Arsenic

    PF-4 filters are also designed to adsorb:

    • DBCP (Dibromo-chloro-propane)
    • THMs (trihalomethanes)
    • Herbicides & Pesticides
    • Heavy Metal ions


    Assemble the water filter as per the water filter assembly instruction. On the underside of the upper chamber locate the stem of each ceramic filter (do not remove the wing nut holding the ceramic filter in place). With clean hands, remove blue caps and screw a PF-4 filter onto each filter stem (the blue arrow should point away from upper chamber) giving five full revolutions. Do not screw more than five revolutions as this may damage the internal media screen. When complete, seat upper chamber on top of the lower chamber. Fill upper reservoir. When the lower reservoir is full, discard the first batch of water, which may contain process dust. (Note: when lower chamber is full of water, the PF-4 filters will be immersed).


    MTBE: The PF-4 is manufactured to exceed ANSI/NSF Standard 53 which requires that MTBE be reduced by at least two thirds from an influent rate (water going in) of 15ppb to an effluent rate (water going out) of less than 5ppb (> 95% reduction*). LEAD: Tests have shown that when 2000 gallon (7,600 liters) of influent water at a concentration of lead of 150-200 ppb pass through 200 grams of media at a flow rate of 1 gpm (3.8 lpm), the lead level was reduced to less than 1ppb (>99% reduction). FLUORIDE: Testing for fluoride was based on 20-30ppm of the ion in the influent aqueous solution at a flow rate of no more than 3 gpm (11 lpm) per cubic foot of media. Results of < 1ppm of the fluoride ion in the effluent were typical for the media (>95% reduction). Under optimum conditions, effluent concentrations of less than 50 ppb were readily achieved (>99.75% reduction).


    Under normal conditions it is recommended that PF-4‰ elements be replaced at six-month intervals (Actual capacity is dependent on the presence of other competing contaminants in the source water. High levels of total organic carbons, volatile organic compounds or certain inorganic minerals may reduce the capacity and efficiency of these elements.)*. Note: do not boil this element.

    MTBE (Methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether) is the most common oxygenated fuel additive used in reformulated gasoline. Contamination of groundwater with MTBE is a rapidly growing problem in 49 U.S. states. In drinking water, even trace amounts of MTBE can cause taste and odor problems, which may lead to nausea and dizziness. The potential long-term health effects of MTBE are not understood at this time, however, initial studies indicate MTBE may cause kidney and liver problems. MTBE removal from water is a challenge because it is very soluble in water and must compete with other organics for binding sites on the filter medium. These other contaminants (BTEX - and TOC - total organic carbons) are adsorbed more readily, and MTBE often slips by standard carbon filters, ending up in the filtered water. The PF-4䋢 filter has been specifically designed to remove MTBE from drinking water when used in conjunction with Super Sterasyl䋢 ceramic filtration elements. The media within the Super Sterasyl䋢 filters, in the upper chamber, capture the more strongly adsorbed BTEX and TOC's. This permits the downstream PF-4䋢, secured as a post filter, to more efficiently remove MTBE.

Did you know that the average water filter system does not remove Fluoride!

Fluoride has been added to municipal water supplies all over the world and the rational for adding it to tap water has been acclaimed but never really proven protection against dental caries; See Fluoride in drinking water: a scientific review of EPA's standards by National Research Council (U.S.) Committee on Fluoride in Drinking Water, Guidelines for drinking-water quality, Volume 3 by World Health Organization, and Fluoride in drinking-water by John Kirtley Fawell.

For those who want fluoride removed we now have specially designed fluoride water purifiers that will accomplish this end.

To explain a little about fluoride removal there are a few really good ways to go about it. The best technologies are reverse osmosis and distillation, both remove fluoride very well. If you do not want the very expensive treatment of a distiller or a reverse osmosis system, the third best way is a simple filter with a cartridge containing activated alumina, which is the standard industry strategy for fluoride removal. This third option is what we can offer you. Unlike reverse osmosis and distillation, the filtration system we use for our fluoride water purifiers does not remove healthful minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, and does not leave the water tasting flat.

Initially the water is filtered with a royal doulton super sterasyl ceramic and carbon filter which removes virtually all contaminants with the notable exception of fluoride, It then flows through a second filter, a post filter fluoride reduction element or PF-4 filter manufactured by New Millennium Concepts, manufacturers of Berkey Water Filters, see Information below....

Fluoride water purifiers with activated alumina are popular and they are most often used in conjunction with a carbon filter since activated alumina alone does little for the water except remove fluoride and arsenic. Fluoride water filter does not improve the taste or remove other chemical contaminants, cysts and bacteriaåÊbut a water purifier with a carbon filter can make high-quality water filter available at a very affordable price.

Because the water filters through 2 systems joined one on top of the other (see accompanying illustration) it was necessary to design a water container that is much taller than our normal containers.

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