Eggplant 'Florida Market' Heirloom Seeds

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When to Plant
Zone 1: September - November
Zone 2: August - December
Zone 3: August - March
Zone 4: Any time


A couple of weeks prior to planting, prepare the soil by incorporating a high level of organic matter, such as compost and well-rotted animal manure.

Soil pH Level 6.0 -7.0

Choose a sunny, hot position in free-draining soil. Eggplant will appreciate the heat.

How to Plant
Propagate in seed trays. Then transplant the seedlings into the veggie patch. Eggplant are suitable for larger pots, but prefer an in-ground veggie patch.

Spacing 40 - 60 cm

Depth 0.5 - 1cm

Companion Plants


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