Water Kefir Grains

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Kefir is one of natures wonders and by far, one of the healthiest and easiest products to make at home with your family.


  • Please sign up to the OUT of Stock Tab on the RHS if the water kefir grains are out of stock as they grow more we add them to the store - they sell quickly.
  • IMPORTANT: We only ship Kefir Grains on a Monday & Tuesday so that they do not remain in transit via Australia Post.
  • They are grown in filtered water with Organic raw sugar.

    What's Included:

    Fresh Water Kefir Grains approx 2 Tablespoons - If you would like more please purchase additional units.

    To learn more about water kefir click here

    Customer Reviews

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    Garry R.
    great service

    great service

    Mrs k.
    very happy with the water kefir thank You

    we love the water kefir thank you

    I love Water Kefir Soda

    I have a weakness for fizzy soft drinks ( diet - of course! )and knowing how bad it is for me, I am over the moon that there is a healthy fizzy drink alternative. It's not just healthy, it is actually good for me. I will never drink commercial soft drinks again!.

    Richard B.
    Water Kefir grains

    Nicely packaged very healthy SCOBYs!

    Rebecca B.
    Water kefir

    my water kefir is going great!!!
    Thank you for your assistance and practical postage of a delicate item.
    I've made a few successful batches now, and it is delicious.
    Thank you