I have had a lot of questions regarding the different models of Optimum Blenders. As many  of you know I am and have been a massive fan of the Optimum Blenders for some time. They have three models, the 9200, 9400 and 9900, and I have had a review on the differences on The Raw Food Mum   however the biggest question I am asked is "Which blender do I recommend"? and it is for this reason I wanted to write a new review on the 9400, and explain why it really is the perfect blender for domestic use.
The 9200 and 9900 are both powerful blenders, however as far as price points goes it is the 9400 blender that has been upgraded to suit the home environment, and is reflected in this price point. The Optimum Blender 9400 is the perfect blender for domestic use and is our best selling model for a reason. This blender uses a dial instead of buttons (like the 9200) which enables more control. It's 3HP motor and speed of 44,000 rpm is superior to the 9900, and with it's new upgrades listed below, outperforms it at many tasks:

Upgrade features of the Optimum 9400 include:

  • A longer 6-blade assembly for improved chopping, slicing and grinding performance compared to the 9900, which has shorter blades designed for commercial use in busy juice bars for smoothies and juices.
  • Steel-plated jug base for improved durability, and to avoid leaking over the long term.
  • A new fuse motor-protection switch to increase the longevity of the motor. The blender also has the standard overload switch as well.

I recommend the new Optimum Blender 9400 as it is able to carry out a number of food preparation functions such as blending, pureeing, mixing, grinding, and whipping different kinds of food - great for a raw food diet! The 9400 can blend anything from fruits, vegetables, beans, ice, spices as well as grind your grains. it is great for making but butters, greens smoothies the list is endless. So, whether you are looking to make a raw soup, ice cream, a green smoothie or an entire meal, the 9400 is perfect for multi-tasking. The powerful engine and high speed blades can also handle frozen and hot food as well as room temperature. The Optimum is definitely a single kitchen appliance that is characterized by excellence and distinction.


Here Are A Few More Reasons Why we Love These Blenders:

  • They're affordable - The Optimum Blenders are nearly half the price point of the Vitamix with just as much power and quality, which makes it a great entry point for anyone wanting to start making raw food or smoothies that are completely blended.
  • They're high quality - The Optimum Blender 9400 is identical to the Optimum 9200 and manufactured using the same high-quality durable parts.
  • Intense power - The Optimum Blender is equipped with a self-compensating energy-efficient motor which can reach a power of 2,238 Watt and a staggering speed of 44,000 rpm. It will blend your smoothie in less then 30 seconds sometimes less. You wont see little specs of kale like you do in some cheaper blenders.

But don't blenders heat the food cells?

Smoothie Goodness with The Optimum 400


The blending functions of 20, 35 and 45 seconds allow the Optimum 9400 to make drinks including smoothies and juices without warming the contents. The blender breaks the cell walls of raw foods to make the enzymes more bio-available, thus they are not heated. Without the need to break down large molecules of food, the intestines have less work to do. And just in case you weren't convinced... Just one green smoothie into a families diet a day its going to start changing your families eating habits and by using a decent blender it changes the ball game completely!  If you have purchased my Raw Food 4 Kids book you know there are just endless amounts of recipes that use a blender and by using a high powered blender you not only save time, you ensure the ingredients are kept raw and not heated – this is where the optimum blenders are the perfect home appliance.


Befits of a green smoothie _ The Raw Food Mum












Where Can I get One?

Head over to The Raw Food Store and pick one up there! You also receive a free eBook ‘The Little book of Green Smoothies’ with every purchase. FREE SHIPPING OFFER 
  • FREE Smoothie eBook - Raw Food Store customers only
  • FREE Nut Milk Bag
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (includes Return Postage)
  • UL CE and FDA approved Eastman Tritan Copolyester
  • BPA 2L FREE jug with lid and cap
  • Wet and dry multi-purpose 6-blade stainless steel assemble
  • Heavy duty tamper tool for improved processing and mixing
  • Access to expert support team
  • 83-page comprehensive recipe book
  • International 5 or 10 year Warranty


    • Fruit smoothies The Optimum is designed to make the best fruit smoothies in both domestic and commercial environments, crushing ice and fruits in seconds
    • Green smoothies Kale, lettuce, celery, spinach, mints, cucumber, bananas or carrots, the Optimum will make sure your green smoothie is smooth and not fibrous
    • Grinding nuts and grains The Optimum's 6-Blade assembly allows it to easily grind whole grains, beans, rice and kneading bread dough ready for the oven
    • Crushes Ice The commercial-grade 3 Horse Power motor allows the Optimum to crush large quantities of ice in seconds, perfect for smoothies, slushies and ice cream
    • Nut butters Chocolate Hazelnut, Peanut Butter, Almond Butter... you name it! The Optimum will make the most delicious preservative-free nut butters, using only one ingredient
    • Nut milks Mix the nuts with some water, blend, filter, and serve for a natural dairy-free bowl of milk and cereal
    • Ice cream from frozen fruits The Optimum turns your favourite fruits into a fat free, preservative free, beautiful guilt-free bowl of ice cream
    • Spreads and dips Whether you prefer a silky-smooth hummus dip or a chunky tomato salsa, the Optimum is here to help, offering you a range of dips and spreads to choose from
    • Fresh Fruit Juices The Optimum is able to easily blend whole fruits and vegetables, unpeeled and uncut, creating a healthy juice full of fibre. Best of all... nothing is wasted, so cleaning is quick and easy
It's also available in four colours - Black, Red, Silver and White Check out the Optimum Blender 9400 in the Raw Food Store.