Non Raw Foods


As you know we LOVE RAW FOOD. But not everyone is 100% raw. So to compliment The Raw Food Store and The Raw Food Lifestyle, we are introducing a range of vegan whole foods, so customers are able to purchase all their whole foods in one place.

Of course our products will be:

        • Nutrient Dense
        • Free of Preservatives and Additives
        • Ethically Sourced
        • Organic / BioDynamic if available
        • No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
        • No Soy, except for properly fermented forms
        • Australian if available


    Sale Natural Baking Powder 300g Natural Baking Powder 300g
    $7.50 AUD $3.50 AUD
    Raw, Organic & Eco Friendly Products for the Whole Family