Organic L.S.A Mix

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Organic linseeds (flaxseed), organic sunflower seeds, organic almonds 

Our Organic LSA Mix is a balanced combination of organic linseeds (flaxseed), organic sunflower seeds and organic almonds.

As we use whole seeds and nuts, this process releases oils within the ingredients which result in a moist nature to the final product. Seasonal variations can cause an increase/decrease in this level of moisture due to fluctuating levels of oil, therefore each batch may appear slightly different.

LSA is rich source of protein, dietary fibre and omegas 3 and 6.

No added colours, flavours or preservatives.

How to use

Simply sprinkle over cereal or ice cream, whip into yoghurt or blend into shakes and smoothies.

We recommend storing LSA in the fridge to maintain freshness.

Organic Linseed (50%), Organic Sunflower (33%), Organic Almonds (17%)
Growing and Processing
Our unique whole cold milled (WCM) process, gently grinds the whole raw seeds and nuts, with minimal heat generation. This method prevents oxidation and produces a nutrient dense meal, retaining the raw products essential nutrients and flavour. We blend it here in house at Honest to Goodness.

Country of Origin
Packed in Australia From at Least 65% Australian Ingredients.

Allergen Advice
Contains: Tree nuts (almonds). May be present: Gluten, sesame, soy and other tree nuts.

Serving Size: 20g
Av per 100g
Energy (kj): 2338
Protein (g): 20.2
Carbohydrate (g): 9.11
Sugars (g): 2.8
Fat Total (g): 49.3
Fat Saturated (g): 3.9
Omega 3 FA (mg) 7631
Omega 6 FA (mg) 13675
Sodium (mg): 11.7
Fibre (g):


* A range of natural food products are packed on shared equipment includingåÊ nuts, seeds, grains and cereals. This includes sesame, peanuts and Gluten.
This product may contain traces of these