Tomato 'Black Russian' Heirloom Seeds

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When to Plant
Zone 1: October -December
Zone 2: August -December
Zone 3: August -January
Zone 4: April -July


Tomatoes are very nitrogen- hungry, so prepare the soil by integrating nitrogen-rich pea or broad bean plants into your soil as a green manure. Alternatively, mix compost and chook manure through your patch a fortnight prior to planting.

Soil pH Level 5.5 -7.5

Choose a sunny, well-drained spot in your patch, preferably a place you haven‰۪t grown tomatoes in the previous season.

How to Plant
Propagate in seed trays. Tomatoes are suitable larger pots, but prefer an in-ground veggie patch. Its recommended to pinch out the first side shoots to encourage plant growth.

Spacing 40-60 cm

Depth 0.5cm - 1cm

Companion Plants
Basil, Marigold

**Shipping - Not to Western Australia**