The optimum Thermocook arrive recently got me excited. All these thoughts of what I could make just kept coming, trying to let them pass during meditation was difficult.
 So What do we start with -  smoothie, ice-cream, soup, pizza dough, nut mylk. The options were endless. 

 With 20  functions including a DIY options, at first glance it may appear overwhelming. Plugging it in for the first time I was confronted with a menu of a dozen or so pre programed options.  Bugger, this means I need to read the instruction book, very much against my normal gun ho style.

 Opening up the instructions and reading it, I actually very simple and intuitive.  Now night one what do we make. A simple smoothie is the go.

Going into manual mode was simple. Select the time, use the large robust dial and dial it in. Now the same for the speed. In a flash we have our green smoothie.

Not only am I left to make our good night drinks, I now have to clean it up. A measure of water inside, back on high speed to quickly rinse it. The locking mechanism to remove the blade is almost childs play (no miss 5 and Mr. 1 did not touch). A quick scrub inside, making sure to keep water off the contact points was simple. Let it air dry and back together it goes in a matter of seconds.

 The next recipe called for a bit harder work. Matcha balls with dry almonds. With the 500W motor, this was going to be easy! The serrated blades ground the nuts consistently to a fine crumb. Into the mix the stickies; honey and dates. Another blitz, looking through the access hole a small amount is sticking to the walls. Pause, use the spatula provided to scrape down. The hole is large enough to reach all the way around without the need to remove the entire lid. Back to Blitz and complete. Scraping the mix into a bowl was easy, I just needed to remove the blades to get the final portion.

 A rinse under the tap and 90% on the mixture is removed from the blades. A scrub and it was done. I was amazed to see there is nowhere for little bits to hide and go rank. 

Through the rest of the time with our little Thermocook kitchen helper, we made countless quantities of dairy free ice cream, nut mylks and sweet goodies. It was so simple to use that our 5 year daughter joined in the fun most days :)

 One of these babies should become part of our kitchen arsenal. I just need to convince Deb to find more space on the kitchen bench for one.

Some of the features of the thermocook 

  • 2.0 Litre detachable stainless steel jar for blending and cooking
  • Steamer capacity: Lower 2.6 Litre steamer and upper 3 Litre steamer with lid
  • Butterfly and kneading blade
  • Stainless steel blade assembly
  • Large 70x50mm LCD screen
  • Separate Precise Glass Scale
  • Soft silicon rubber spatula
  • Simple pre-set auto programs and unique DIY program
  • Adjustable timer and temperature gauge
  • Dishwasher proof (non-electrical parts only)
  • Comprehensive recipe book

Review provided by Chris Hindson, Owner of