The Camu fruit is one of the world’s most abundant sources of vitamin C – 60 times more vitamin C per serving than an orange! This antioxidant-rich cherry-like fruit from the Amazon jungle is also a plentiful source of potassium, calcium, protein, beta carotene, amino acids and powerful phytochemicals.

camu_camu_lrg_format_2 In its ancient ecosystem, the Camu tree grows in black water rivers and waits for Mother Nature’s floods to harvest. Such natural ecosystems are important to the indigenous people of the rainforest who have been using the fruits of this miracle tree for many years to support immunity, the nervous system, circulatory system and respiratory organs, to promote liver detoxification and maintain healthy gums, eyes and skin.

We like to use this magical powder in The Raw Food Mum kitchen during the winter months, to ward off any colds or viruses that may be circulating during this gloomy time. We use the Loving Earth powder range and since this Camu Camu product is a whole food in its natural form, your body can absorb the nutrients much more effectively compared to a synthetic supplement.

For a raw food family like ours, we like to add 1/2 teaspoon of Camu powder into our smoothies or juices to give it a tangy citrus flavor, once a day as part of our daily diet. I also add it to our raw cereals. It can have a  strong taste so for kids I recommend using a tiny bit 1/5 of teaspoon and slowly increase over time.  If you start out with 1/2 a teaspoon I guarantee the kids will not like it – so remember to start with a small amount.


Serving Size 2g


Energy 31.22kj 1561kj
Protein 0.04g 2.2g
Fat, total <0.1g 0.1g
Carbohydrate total 1.82g 91g
Sugars 0g 0g
Calcium 0.086mg 4.3mg
Phosphorous 0.702mg 35.1mg
Iron 0.018mg 0.9mg
Potassium 1.42g 71mg
Vitamin B1 0.002mg 0.1mg
Vitamin B2 0.034mg 1.7mg
Vitamin C .24g 12g


This wonderful super-food has so many nutrients awaiting you.


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